Sunday Morning


The coffee is hot and the conversation lively! All are welcome, newcomers and drop-ins are encouraged. 

Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m. in the Community Use Building (CUB). 

Childcare opens at 9:25 a.m. 


Wednesday Night


Join in small group studies and experience true biblical community. 


Friendship is intentional about challenging all of our men in the community to be the men of the future - men of Christ.  Our goal is to provide the modern day man with tools and opportunities to be a great Husband, Father and Leader in the community. With weekly studies and training, we invite all men to join in the battle.

AGES: College - 99

TIME: Tuesday, 6:15am

LOCATION: Fellowship Hall


women's ministry

We are smart and we are brave. Because of Jesus, we can say we are highly valued, loved, and adored.  Friendship women represent all stages of life who are on a journey of being transformed by the Gospel of Christ. We strive to know one another and live life together through the study of God’s word, fun events, small groups, praying for each other, and by serving to glorify God. 

AGES: 18+

TIME: Mondays 11:45a and Tuesdays 7pm

LOCATION: Community Use Building





JESUS + nothing

FCF Recovery highlights Alcoholics Anonymous in the community. Meetings will be open topical discussions every week. In AA parlance, what this means is that all members of the community are welcome to come and learn more about addiction and recovery, the 12 step program, and AA in general. The meetings are not limited to those seeking treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. Please consider joining this community if you have a story to share, or need to hear a story.


TIME: Thursdays 7:30PM (Co-ed) & Saturdays for Men 8AM and Women 9:30AM

LOCATION: Community Use Building




Life of Worship:

We believe worship is not confined by a song style, place, or day of the week, but is a lifestyle. We are created by God to worship and this manifests itself in a variety of ways throughout our daily rhythms and spiritual habits - fellowship, prayer, fasting, service, study, and creating to name a few! 

Corporate Worship:

On Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings, we aim to lift one voice to the Father in Spirit and in Truth.  More than words on a screen, the songs we sing are prayers we seek to humbly offer to the God we serve.  Whether we close our eyes, lift our hands, sing loudly or just from our hearts, corporate worship through song reminds us that there is only one glory worth giving our lives to - the glory of God. 


Friendship Style:

Because Britton and Carrie Hardcastle are also song writers, we do some original songs as well as other types of current and relevant songs (Bethel, Hillsong, All Sons and Daughters, Jesus Culture, etc.). We also love to work in some revamped hymns!  All ranging from upbeat and loud to more melodic, but ALL are theologically sound. Some days it's an acoustic set with a few singers and a guitar and other times, it's a full band with bass, keys, and drums!  But as Britton says, the people on the stage aren't worship leaders, they are lead worshippers!